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PSRU Development



Gear Reduction Drives

Effective 7/1/2013, Tracy will no longer be producing aviation products.

This page and the subsequent 'Development"  pages are being left on the web site for those who are interested in reading about Tracy's development efforts. 

RWS currently manufactures gear drives in two versions.  Both drives are suitable for all rotary engines, including higher horsepower engines such as turbo charged 13B and 20B engine.   For information about the research and development of our drives, please go the the PSRU Development page.

After many years of producing the RD-1B and RD-1C drives, we are pleased to annouce the newest versions of both drives!

The RD-2B drive features a reduction ratio of 2.176:1 which reverses the direction of rotation.  Tractor aircraft will require a left hand prop.  These reduction drives are suitable for aircraft or airboats and have no propeller weight or length limitations.

The RD-2C is designed for the new Renesis (RX-8) engine and/or for any application that requires, or can use, a long prop (74" or longer).  The RD-1C  features a 2.85:1 gear ratio. 

In 3/2004 we installed the RD-1C drive (the predecessor to the RD-2C) on our beloved test mule aircraft N84TC along with a monster 74 X 88" prop from Performance Props and are getting some impressive performance.  See the Renesis project updates for details

Looking for a redrive for an alternative engine but NOT a rotary?  We also sell the drive WITHOUT the adaptor plate.  Several builders have fabricated their own plate to allow them to use the RWS drive on a non-rotary powered plane.  Here is a photo of Troy Wright's RD-1C drive installed on his Ford inline six  engine for a Fokker DVii plane. Contact us if you want a quotation for a drive minus the adaptor plate.


(Photo above courtesy of Troy Wright)

Shown below is an RD-1B drive installed on a turbo 13B engine built up by Bruce Turrentine. (Photo below courtesy of Bruce Turrentine)

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